This concept can be explained using the analogy of the stress bucket.

Imagine a bucket. There is a limit to how much liquid you can add before it overflows.

Now imagine the bucket. All stressors in your daily life are water. Stressors include travel, work, emotions, stress, fatigue, poor diet, alcohol and the environment.

Your bucket will gradually fill up with stressors. Your resilience will drop if it reaches its limit, and you’ll feel exhausted and burnt out.

Relaxing activities can reduce the volume of your bucket and create a buffer.

Relaxing activities include relaxation, laughter, meditation, mindfulness eating, sleep, sleeping, and gentle activity. Whatever makes you happy and calm.

However, life is hectic and stressors are a part. So how can one balance them?

How to Balance Your Stress Bucket

Balance is ideal. It means that you have 60% of your stress and 40% of your rest.

Therefore, 9-10 hours should be devoted to restful activities out of 24.

These are some easy ways to engage in more relaxing activities:

  • After lunch, go for a walk.
  • After a wind down
  • Daily unplugging
  • Living a consistent lifestyle

This will allow you to leave enough room in your bucket for unexpected stressors.

Are you struggling to manage your stress bucket?

It’s not easy to manage your stress bucket.

While some stressors are necessary, others can be enjoyable.

You could find yourself overwhelmed and out of balance before you know it.

Our coaches will help you find your balance. Your coach will design a lifestyle and exercise program that is tailored to your needs. This will help you balance rest and stress.

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