Plastic surgery is split in to two categories, there are the people who get it because they need it or it is an issue that impacts them severely from a mental health perspective and then there are those who get it done because their favourite celebrity/influencer looks that way, this is the trend driven side to it and it changes on a regular basis. So we’re going to look at the top 4 most common forms of plastic surgery as well as the top 4 biggest trends in 2022 so far. Outside of actual procedures, one common trend so far this year that has been reported, particularly in America, is that more men are starting to have procedures than ever before.

The Most Common Procedures In 2022

At number one is rhinoplasty (nose job), this is common and often needed if someone has broken their nose, it improves both the aesthetics and can help to stop breathing problems if a break has negatively impacted the air passage. In second place is breast augmentation, this covers a wide range of different cases from increasing the size and shape of the breasts to making them more symmetrical of even fixing damage caused by a mastectomy. In third is the Brazilian Butt Lift, this is where we move more towards the trend side of things, many celebrities have had this procedure in recent years which has increased the popularity of it greatly. This is a ‘fat transfer’ procedure where fat is taken from somewhere like your belly or thighs and transferred to your buttocks to give it more shape and tends to increase it in size. In fourth place is the tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), this is a procedure that is very popular amongst women who have had children or who have gone through excessive weight loss and dieting which could result in saggy or spare skin on the stomach.

2022 Trends – Procedures Growing In Popularity

One of the procedures growing most in popularity is eyelid surgery, it is a fairly minor surgery that results in your eyes seeming bigger and more open giving a more youthful look, this can be done to both your top or bottom eyelids by removing excess fat and skin. Lipo 360 is next, which involves removing fat around your entire waistline rather than just in one location like the stomach. The third biggest growing trend is body contouring which seems to be in response to the pandemic and people losing weight during lockdown. It is a similar procedure to a tummy tuck in that it is for excess skin and sagginess but covers more of the body rather than just the stomach. Finally we have the mummy makeover, in a similar way to body contouring this is a group of procedures done for women who have had children consisting of many of the individual procedures mentioned previously. If you’re looking for plastic surgery Manchester then make sure you research any potential surgeon in detail before progressing.